Career Exploration & Job Search

“ Ingrid is fantastic and I cannot recommend her highly enough. She is the third career counselor with whom I’ve worked and is head and shoulders above the others. Not only is she extremely well-versed in traditional career counseling, the strategy of the job search, and navigating interpersonal business relationships, but she does so with a groundedness and sense of humor so welcome during the moments of extreme stress and self-doubt that invariably arise during career transitions. Simply, outstanding! “

Gian Fabbri

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Workshops & Speaking

I LOVED Ingrid’s session at the Harvard Ed Portal on generating positive new “inputs” for a job search (and life). She struck the perfect pitch - upbeat and energizing without being too rah-rah. And, her comedic timing is great! She developed great chemistry with participants.

Susan Legere, PhD

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College & University Career Programs

“ I hired Ingrid to provide career counseling and advising to both our domestic and international graduate students. Her role quickly expanded to include developing and delivering workshops and trainings and helping with program development to increase our range of services and improve our resources Ingrid was well liked and respected by both our international and domestic students alike. Her background in marketing and advertising allowed her to connect extremely well with our MBA's. Ingrid is a strong presenter and the students consistently gave her high marks in their evaluations of her workshops. She went above and beyond her job requirements and I would highly recommend hiring Ingrid for her counseling, workshop development and counseling skills. ”

Linnea Löf

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“ Ingrid offers an incredible service at a great value. When I was contemplating leaving my corporate career to start a business, she was instrumental in helping me prepare for life as an entrepreneur. Ingrid asked questions that helped me to gain clarity about my own motivations, and guided me through a process of self-exploration. She was also so generous with her network, connecting me with key contacts both while I worked with her, and after, as I continued to grow my business. “

Sean Fullerton, CFA

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