Career Exploration & Job Search

Ingrid has helped me become a confident and successful resume- and cover-letter writer, interviewee, and negotiator. She gives personalized, thoughtful guidance, is very encouraging, and a has an excellent sense of humor, making her a joy to work with.
— Nora Murphy
I’ve been to other career coaches, and Ingrid is by far the most helpful and dedicated that I’ve worked with. Unlike coaches whose methods focus on what is deterring you from your career path, Ingrid’s approach is very positive. She zeroes in on your strengths, and shows you how to present them in the best light. She is tireless in showing you how to make connections, and very encouraging. She gave me confidence to seek out the jobs I really wanted, and the skills to negotiate. Ingrid is a gem!
— Caroline Spaeth
Ingrid is fantastic and I cannot recommend her highly enough. She is the third career counselor with whom I’ve worked and is head and shoulders above the others. Not only is she extremely well-versed in traditional career counseling, the strategy of the job search, and navigating interpersonal business relationships, but she does so with a groundedness and sense of humor so welcome during the moments of extreme stress and self-doubt that invariably arise during career transitions. Simply outstanding.
— Gian Fabbri
I consider Ingrid to be one of my “secret weapons.” She has been a tremendous help to me at several critical junctures in my career path.
She is not only extremely insightful and knowledgable, but very adept in her ability to think “outside the box.” Ingrid encourages creative problem solving and intuitive path-finding - both which were extremely effective for me in my quest for the next best thing in life and work. She is an inspiring professional who has made an important difference for me. I have recommended her to several colleagues and friends who wholeheartedly agree.
— Lesley Potter