Ingrid Goldbloom Bloch

My Mission

To inspire fresh thinking, confidence, and the courage to take risks and try new things. To save people from boring work, dead-end jobs and toxic environments. To inform, encourage, and enliven career seekers and entrepreneurs with ideas shaped by creativity, innovation and discovery.

Who I Help

✔️ People with an entrepreneurial mindset and need an energetic and engaging partner to help them focus their ideas and create a clear plan to start or expand their business


✔️ People who are uninspired by their current work and need help creating new career possibilities. They need someone with fresh ideas to stimulate their thinking and strategies to help them move forward


In my 20+ years as a career counselor, coach and guide, I see many people suffering from an unfortunate case of the “career blahs.” To the external world, my clients often seem professionally accomplished and even outwardly successful, but internally, they’re craving something more.

That’s where I come in. I’m a certified career counselor and career coach who consistently gets outstanding reviews. A career changer and former corporate leader myself (Fortune 500 advertising and marketing), I get it. I can help you identify your strengths, repackage those into a compelling job search platform, and support you in building a new career future.

I am not your typical career coach. In addition to more traditional career tools, I leverage training in innovation, design thinking and systematic inquiry and my background as an internationally recognized artist with a specialty for giving new life to recycled/upcycled/everyday items.

This ability to inspire transformation - taking disparate parts and turning them into something entirely new - helps you create opportunity and possibility for a compelling career future.



In one-on-one career counseling/coaching, I help you take the ordinary and make it extraordinary by identifying under-appreciated skills, interests, passions and ideas that can turn into a fulfilling career.

I work with you to build a compelling career narrative (resume, LinkedIn, cover letter, elevator pitch and interview answers) and a job search strategy that helps you shine and be the person that an employer MUST have on their team.

I coach and support you throughout your job search (which can be easy if you know how to approach it) and act as an ongoing sounding board and champion.

I can then help with ongoing professional development, with an onboarding coaching process and/or ongoing coaching that helps you understand the political landscape, get results quickly and get noticed as a highly talented contributor or leader.



Blending real-world career and business advice with a sense of humor, I deliver seminars, workshops, speaking engagements, and training programs on topics spanning careers, the world of work, innovation, networking, creativity, entrepreneurship, and more.

I partner with organizations such as nonprofits, corporations, associations, and higher education institutions to deliver timely, inspiring content for their members, employees, students, alumni and/or community partners.

Known as a dynamic speaker who “tells it like it is” with a warm, engaging style, I can custom-build workshops or speaking engagements to suit your organization’s needs.



I partner with higher education institutions to develop impactful career programs, provide student/alumni career support, facilitate workshops, build employer relationships, craft career program strategy and develop opportunities for student, faculty and alumni engagement.

I provide Outplacement Consulting support (through local outplacement organizations) for organizations that wish to support their employees in transitioning to their next professional challenge. Whether I lead seminars or work one-on-one with individual job seekers, I bring my energy and creative thinking when helping people in transition re-frame their options and see new career potential.



I coach entrepreneurs, innovators, makers & thought leaders to help bring their creative ideas to life, build the right messaging to get support from others, and build creative outreach strategies for personal and professional networks that support their entrepreneurial success.

I support local innovation centers, maker groups, and artist collectives, delivering coaching, speaking, and programs for professional success.

The entrepreneurs I’ve coached have accomplished incredible things, ranging from a passion project building a Viking ship (yes, really) to more “traditional” early-stage businesses. Together with these courageous visionaries, I help create momentum and results.




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